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Texas Animal Guardians saved 195 Lives in 2015

Texas Animal Guardians saved 195 Lives in 2015

195 lives saved in 2015! Texas Animal Guardians, a small rescue organization located in the New Braunfels, Texas area, achieved a big victory in 2015. It saved 195 cat, dogs, puppies and kittens from certain death by disease, starvation or euthanasia at high kill shelters. Considering that Texas Animal Guardians is only a small group of volunteers, this number is impressive.

Our goal for 2016 will be 250 lives saved! We can’t do this without the help of all our supporters. Each dog, cat, puppy and kitten costs on average $250 for routine vet care, food and medications. IF the animal is sick, injured or in need of special medical attention, that amount jumps up — often reaching over a thousand dollars.

But we consider every penny spent well worth it when we see the happy looks on the faces of the families who adopt from us.  For us that’s what it is all about: Bringing People and Pets Together!

Naturally, we couldn’t do this alone – we have the help of strong supporters who contribute their money to help pay for expenses. AND we have the help of a great veterinarian and his staff. Dr. Keith Leakey of Canyon City Animal Hospital is not only on our Advisory Board but he plays an active role in the care of the animals we save. He is there to offer a guiding hand, a word of advice and exceptional medical care. Without him and the Canyon City Animal Hospital staff we would be lost.

Thank you to all our supporters, volunteers, foster families — we couldn’t do it without you!


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Many of the animals received into our adoption program need expensive medical care. Your tax deductible contribution helps pay for this. Won’t you please consider a small donation to help needy animals get well? This gives them a chance at adoption and a new life. Thank you in advance!

Bark-O-Ween and Fun Raiser (fundraiser) all rolled into one!

Bark-O-Ween and Fun Raiser (fundraiser) all rolled into one!

Bark-O-Ween and Fundraiser (fun raiser!) — what a great combination!

Bark-O-Ween! Texas Animal Guardians Contest - voted Cutest

Voted Cutest!

October 31 wasn’t the least bit scary or ghoulish! At least not at the Petsmart store in New Braunfels. Instead of monsters, vampires and zombies there were darling fur-bearing critters bedecked in costumes at the store to celebrate the most awesome of scary days — Bark-O-Ween! Never heard of it? Well, it’s a lot like Halloween — except instead of screams you’re gonna hear a lot of barks. And these guys really DO tricks for treats!

Texas Animal Guardians hosted the fun-filled Bark-O-Ween contest on October 31. There were three prizes given out: Cutest, Most Original and Scariest. The judges took their job very seriously and pondered the decision for a while. Then the great prizes were given out! These prizes, valued at over $70 each, were donated by Texas Animal Guardians (TAG) and TAG supporters. There were some mighty sweet contestants — all worthy of mention. The vote is in! Bark-O-Ween will be an annual event!

Bark-O-Ween judges (lL-R) Taylor, Selina, Colton, Mark

Bark-O-Ween Most Creative! Shark Dog!

Most Creative!

Bark-O-Ween! Texas Animal Guardians voted scariest!












While all this hoopla was going on there were other fantastic things happening in the background (or should we say the foreground). Supporters gathered together to hold fundraisers to help TAG pay down the vet bills. Stationed at the front of the store was Diane with her Yummy Halloween Bake Sale. Diane, a TAG supporter, showcased triple chocolate brownies, lemon pudding cake (a HUGE hit), and cookies and cupcakes of all kind. All baked goods were hand-crafted, all were beyond delicious and all a HUGE hit. That sale raised over $600 in two days!


Then there was the Add Some Sparkle to your Life! hosted by Almut, another Texas Animal Guardians supporter. The sale featured brand new, precious metal and gemstone jewelry. It added an additional $200 to the total. Earlier in the month, Kim another fantastic TAG supporter, raised an additional $100 at the Austin City Limits festival. All totaled TAG raised over $900 to pay down vet bills. We couldn’t be happier! And so very thankful to all our supporters and volunteers who made this possible.

Bake Sale $$$! Paid down vet bill …