Texas Animal Guardians has moved to Fischer, Texas!

Texas Animal Guardians has moved to Fischer, Texas!

For Immediate Release

June 7, 2013

Texas Animal Guardians has relocated from Blanco, Texas to Fischer, Texas. The decision was made for several reasons, principally the fact that Fischer is in Comal County and TAG has been active in this county since its inception. The other reason is that Comal County is one of several counties in Texas that are under served by animal welfare organizations.

The change made sense on many levels: Our veterinarians are in Comal County as is the Petsmart store where we hold adoption events. All in all, it just made sense to have the small town of Fischer become our official location.

Fischer is a lovely little town midway between Blanco and New Braunfels. This little town is known for its Fischer Hall, Fischer Store and Fischer Bowling area. Popular annual events are held at the Fischer Hall and it is hoped that future event planning will include this lovely old structure.

Our official new address is:

Texas Animal Guardians

P.O. Box 106

Fischer, Texas 78623-106


Additionally, TAG has revised its mission statement.  Initially TAG wanted to provide aid for pet owners experiencing difficult life transitions. That original vision has proven to be difficult to execute, not only because of funding but because many well-meaning folks were not able to reclaim their pets after the initial three months of boarding. This placed a financial burden on our volunteer boarding facilities and also tied up available foster homes.

The Kibble Kare program is still available whenever funds allow. This program gives temporary help to pet owners by providing pet food for both dogs and cats.

TAG’s primary focus is getting as many cats and dogs as we can out of the shelter system and into loving homes. Last year TAG placed over 85 cats and dogs into homes. This year TAG is well on the way to exceed that number. To help with this effort, TAG has partnered with PALS (in San Marcos) to foster kittens and place them into homes. Our director, Penny Solis, supplies the love, care and shelter for these little “babies.” Naturally TAG will continue to pull from “high” kill shelters. Each dog that is placed into a home opens up space for another dog.

We couldn’t do it without all the support we receive from our second “family” at the New Braunfels Petsmart store, our wonderful veterinarians at Canyon City Animal Hospital, and the fantastic community of adopters, supporters and volunteers.

Thank you to all!




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