Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Prince River Adopted!Happy Valentine’s Day!

Texas Animal Guardians wants to take this opportunity to wish all our adopters a very Happy Valentine’s Day! AND to thank all the fantastic people out there who made love connections through our pet adoption program. We feel very blessed that we have a part in making so many families feel complete and so many companion animals happy.

Here’s to all the wonderful folks who are willing to adopt! Who are willing to take a chance on a former shelter animal. Who are willing to open up their hearts and their homes to a helpless being — a being that can offer so much affection and loyalty.

We ask our adopters to please continue to share your photos with us. We love to see all these happy, smiling faces. They brighten our day.

Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate LOVE in all its many forms, including the love of family, friends and neighbors. Be kind to each other and share a sprinkling of Valentine’s Day love each day and keep the furry family members in that circle of love.

Rosie Adopted!


Nikki Adopted!TannerAdopted!LuciAdopted!

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