Kibble Kare Maiden Voyage

On Monday, November 8, 2010 Texas Animal Guardian volunteers loaded up their vehicles with pet food and treats for distribution in the towns of Boerne and Bandera, Texas. Heading up the project was Joanna Benedict, a volunteer at the Hill Country Animal League (HCAL)  located in Boerne, Texas. Although the Kibble Kare program is not officially launched, Joanna’s plea for help set the course to up the schedule for the Kibble Kare’s maiden voyage.

Hayden and Hanna Perryman with Sweetie

Our first stop was a visit with a senior dog named Sweetie, whose owner, Annie, has been hit by hard times. It was an emotional meeting as Sweetie’s mom thanked volunteers for the much needed help. Food was passed out, treats were distributed and Sweetie posed with Hannah and Hayden, a lovely smile of joy on her face. Later we received a touching email of thanks, as Sweetie’s mom requested a copy of the photo of Sweetie and the kids so that she could have it framed. “It was hard to see people struggling, but it was so sweet seeing how much they care for their animals,” said Hannah.

The Kibble Kare Kar made its next stop in Bandera where food was unloaded for more folks in need. Some were feeding large feral colonies of cats, these people are the cat’s only source of food. While some volunteers chatted with the humans others wandered around visiting with the cats. From the looks on the kitties faces it appears as if they approved. All were thankful and happy about the program and it is our hope that the food can get them through another month.

As the day wore on another memorable stop was made at the home of a former nurse, the pet parent of several large dogs. Without transportation and a partner in a long-term care facility, there is just not enough money in her account to manage all the bills. It’s one of those situations where you wish you could wave a magic wand and make it all better. Unfortunately it’s not that easy! “I liked giving the food for the animals,” said Hayden, “but it was very sad to see good people having a hard time.” On the up side, the dogs enjoyed visiting with the kids and they were delighted with the treats.

More Appreciative Dogs

While the Kibble Kare program will not ordinarily involve delivery of food to people’s homes, this first-hand experience was beneficial to volunteers on many levels. First, all of us learned that each person has their own story, their own unique situation, and no two circumstances are alike.

And thanks to Joanna, we now have a much better idea of who the Kibble Kare program will help. Second, Texas Animal Guardians was able to forge a partnership with HCAL in Boerne to secure future pet food deliveries for people in need.

The day was eventful, emotional, and very satisfying. It is such a blessing to bring joy into the lives of people who might otherwise be forgotten. The benefit of helping pets stay healthy and well-fed is an additional bonus that brings warmth to our hearts. We only wish we could do more ….

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