Lost your pet?

33488393_1.jpgLosing your pet can be one of them most traumatic and stressful events in a person’s life. Please know that Texas Animal Guardians takes this very seriously. There are many wonderful online resources to give you advice and here are some links. However, we also feel it’s important for every family to prepare themselves in advance for this type of emergency — much like preparing in advance for a fire, hurricane or tornado. You don’t want this to happen, but having a plan will certainly help with taking immediate action.

First, please get your pet mircrochipped. A chip can’t get lost, it won’t come off the collar of the cat or dog like tags can. Next, if you have a dog, consider purchasing a collar that has the dog’s name and your phone number actually engraved or embroidered into it. These collars are not as expensive as you might think and they will give you piece of mind. They make these collars for cats too but a lot people don’t put collars on indoor cats. If, however, your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, a collar is a must. Tags are notorious for coming off and because of this we can’t stress how important it is to get your pet microchipped and a proper ID collar.

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