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Texas Animal Guardians - Bringing People and Pets TogetherHelp! I need to rehome my pet …

We hear those words all too often. The reasons are numerous: I am moving; I am having a baby; the landlord doesn’t allow pets; my husband/wife says I have to get rid of the dog/cat. We have been there ourselves: Most of us have moved, many of us have had babies, and some of us have been gravely ill and yet we have managed to hold on to our “fur” kids. We realize that every person has their own limitations and their own story. And we feel badly for anyone going through this, but mostly we feel badly for the pet. They are dependent upon you for their well being, their safety, their security. And you are their whole world. In addition, there’s not a lot we (or any other rescue group) can do to help out in these circumstances. It’s not within the scope of our rescue to rehome pets for people. We don’t have a facility to house pets and we are not a shelter. However, if you absolutely have to rehome your pet we certainly want to encourage you to do your best to find your dog or cat a great home. Here are some links that we hope can be a starting point for you.

Texas Animal Guardians - Bringing People and Pets Together

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