Abandoned Kitten Found in a Shoebox!

Abandoned Kitten Found in a Shoebox!


Abanonded five-week old kitten was found inside a shoebox with mishappen leg Marcel, was an abandoned kitten placed inside a shoebox. He was only five-weeks old when he came to us. This tiny, sweet boy has a misshapen hind leg. It didn’t appear to bother him since he used it without limping or signs of distress. X-rays revealed a healed-over double fracture. Since he was managing fine on the leg, our vet stated that no further treatment would be necessary. Then something odd happened: Marcel developed mysterious infections in other parts of his body. When treated with antibiotics the infections went away, only to reoccur.

Marcel was admitted into veterinarian care for further observation. Dr. Leakey suspected that perhaps the root cause of these infections is in the healed-over fracture. However amputation is radical and irreversible. Therefore, before moving forward with surgery Dr. Leakey recommends bringing Marcel to a local feline expert who might shed some light on this mysterious condition. Marcel

We chose to not amputate Marcel’s leg. However, we never did find out the root cause of his mysterious infections. Marcel went on to enter the Texas Animal Guardians adoption program. He has grown into a handsome kitty and lucky for him a nice lady adopted him along with two other cats that have also have medical needs. Thank you for being an angel Sara!






Many of the animals received into our adoption program need expensive medical care. Your tax deductible contribution helps pay for this. Won’t you please consider a small donation to help needy animals get well? This gives them a chance at adoption and a new life. Thank you in advance!

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