Hit by a car, Tanner & his brother were slated to be killed.

Texas Animal Guardians was founded in 2009 by a group of visionaries who dreamed that someday there would be no more shelters, no more unwanted pets, no more euthanasia of innocent creatures dying because there are unkind, unthinking, uncaring humans in the world. Humans that believe animals can just be discarded, like yesterday’s garbage.

Spurred on by this dream the organization was incorporated as a Texas non-profit and within 6 months it was a 501(c)3.

The vision is still a “work in progress.” But it’s  alive! This vision is at the core of Texas Animal Guardians. It requires a dedicated team of volunteers to achieve the smallest steps but every life we save is golden. It’s our dream to continue growing so that more lives can be saved.  It’s a dream that can only be achieved with an army of volunteers who will march in and work shoulder-to-shoulder to save lives.

We believe that each volunteer is precious. We believe that every person has a gift they can contribute, whether it’s a block of time to make phone calls, write emails, send out mailers, help with online adoption listings, or attend adoption events. Perhaps you have a special skill that could help the organization achieve its goals, it might be social media, or writing, or photography or designing artwork, or perhaps you are one of those gems who would love to foster. We need all kinds of help!


Belle – 2 hours before she was due to be killed.

Texas Animal Guardians believes that together we can achieve the impossible. Together we can help poor innocents that have no home, no voice, no one to help. We can make a difference in their lives and also the lives of the people who adopt them. If you can help, please do! We would value you so much!

If you think you can help us out by volunteering please fill out our volunteer form.

If you think you can help us out by fostering please fill out our foster form.



Belle – in her new bed, safe.


Our Mission:

Texas Animal Guardians is an all-volunteer organization geared to reducing the suffering and certain death of shelter animals. We remove “at risk” dogs, puppies, cats and kittens from over-crowded shelters, take responsibility for their medical care, provide foster homes and adopt them out to responsible, loving pet parents. We also provide aid to the elderly in the form of pet food (via our Kibble Kare program) and spay/neuter surgeries for their existing pets. Our “Dog Squad” Program provides food, leashes, collars, flea/tick and heartworm preventatives for the South Austin homeless with dogs. We are geared to Bringing People and Pets Together! And keeping them that way.


Tanner & his brother are now safe in foster care!