Adoption Weekend HUGE Success!

Adoption Weekend HUGE Success!

Texas Animal Guardians November 2014 Adoption Event Adoption Weekend a HUGE Success!

November’s Adoption Event at Petsmart in New Braunfels Garnered Twenty-Two Dogs and Cats new Homes

November 17, 2014

As Thanksgiving approaches the Texas Animal Guardians team has a lot to be grateful for. We certainly want to pause and give thanks to Petsmart Charities and everyone who participated in this past weekend’s adoption event. This is the last Petsmart Charities sponsored National Adoption event of the calendar year. (Texas Animal Guardians will continue with their regularly scheduled weekend adoptions.) Everyone worked hard to make this adoption weekend a huge success, from the Petsmart store staff, to the wonderful volunteers who gave up their weekend to help out. Thanks to this team effort a dreary, cold winter’s weekend was turned into a warm-fuzzy, happy ending for twenty-two of the Texas Animal Guardians/CLASS dogs and kitties.

There was quite a flurry of activity inside and outside the store. For many of the CLASS shelter dogs this was their first time at an adoption event. Some were a bit shy. Some were wary. Most acclimated to the hubbub quickly. Others were just little hams, lapping up the attention. While the dogs got to parade around outside or inside, cats received a front-row seat at the window area. Their sweet furry faces peering out of their crates were an immediate attention grabber.

Texas Animal Guardians 2014 National Adoption Weekend Speaking of attention grabbers, CLASS volunteer Laura, brought in six adorable little pups. There were three min-pin girls and three bully pups, (one boy and two girls). It was a veritable puppy delight! The puppy pen was strategically set up at the store’s entrance. Everyone entering the store had to stop and check out those little sweeties. After all, who can resist a puppy?

Amidst the oooohhhhs and aaaaaaahhhhhhs there were some serious companion seekers. Some knew immediately when they’d found their soul mate. They grabbed onto their new baby and started the adoption process. Some went home to think about it. The next day they were back to claim theirĀ  “baby” and finalize the adoption. Many potential adopters snapped photos of fur babies that caught their eye. Sharing photos, texting, talking and conferring with those at home helped clinch the adopter’s decision. After decisions were made adopters took their new family member on a shopping spree. It was an early Christmas for these furry babies. Shopping carts were filled with fluffy beds, colorful toys, delicious food and yummy treats. Then it was off their new homes and a new life!

Texas Animal Guardians November 2014 Adoption Event

Texas Animal Guardians November 2014 Adoption Weekend



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