Cat Adoptions are on the Rise!

Cat Adoptions are on the Rise!
Cat adoptions are  on the rise at Petsmart store in New Braunfels

TAG Director Penny works on updating the old Cat Adoption Center Calendar.

The New Braunfels Petsmart store has always been a popular destination for families to visit with their children. After all, what’s more fun than watching the colorful fish, the lovey birds, the interesting reptiles, the fur-puff Guinea pigs and all the other intriguing small pets the store has to offer? Yet, of all the pet displays that draw the crowds on either weekdays or weekends, the Cat Adoption Center wins paws down. Located at the back of the store, near the fish tanks, the cat adoption center is a showcase of adoptable cats and kittens. The plexiglass windows offer a nice view of the cats, giving everyone a chance to observe them as they eat, sleep and play. On any given weekday and weekend you can find families crowded around the area, peering in at the kitties, who are (for the most part) oblivious to their crowd-drawing appeal.

Cat adoptions are on the rise.

Recently the cat adoption center at the New Braunfels Petsmart store (located at the Creekside Shopping Center) underwent a complete re-vamp. Kennels were taken apart, disinfected, scrubbed clean with disinfectant, from floor to ceiling the center received a total cleaning. This was all in anticipation of receiving a new batch of cats and kittens. Working in conjunction with Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society (CLASS), Texas Animal Guardians has placed shelter kittens and cats at the center to help boost their cat adoption numbers. After all, CLASS is a local no-kill shelter supported by the community it serves. It seems only fitting that TAG would work hand-in-paw with them to increase cat adoptions.

The first new batch of kittens and cats arriving on June 24 consisted of six four-month-old kittens in various colors and coat lengths. Making their debut were two adult cats named Angel and Sherbert. Both adults are very sweet but a bit timid about the new situation. However, the TAG volunteers are helping them overcome their reservations. Angel even decided she wanted to venture out of her kennel and do a little exploring. Of course, the kittens are completely unaware of the change in their surroundings. Instead they are delighted to stretch their legs in the roomy kennels at the cat adoption center.

Cat adoptions are on the rise

Volunteer Jessi with new kitten at the center.

All these sweet babies are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, have been fully vetted and have received the best of medical care from the CLASS veterinarian, vet techs and staff. Once they are at the Petsmart store cat adoption center they become the pampered “babies” of the dedicated Texas Animal Guardians volunteers. Our volunteers ensure that the center is clean, the kitties are cared for, played with, brushed, loved and well fed. There isn’t a day that goes by when you won’t find one of the TAG volunteers working hard to make the cats’ living quarters as cozy and clean as possible.

If cats are your passion then Texas Animal Guardians would like to invite you to sign up and join the growing group of Cat Adoption Center volunteers. TAG is initiating a new program that will feature regularly scheduled adoption times at the cat adoption center. If you are able to offer help on the weekdays from 4 to 6 PM please contact TAG by email at or call/text the TAG volunteer coordinator at (512) 557-2286. You will be trained to be a Cat Adoption Ambassador! And, if you are seeking a new kitty to add to your family don’t hesitate to stop by the store and see all the lovely kitties that are available.



Cat adoptions are on the rise!

Hayden with his new family.



This cat was adopted with his brother. Their owner had recently passed away leaving them without a home.

This cat was adopted with his brother.

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