If you are interested in adopting a TAG companion pet please click on one of the online form links below and provide the information requested. We ask that you answer all of the questions, so that we may process your application more quickly. Some questions state that you can check multiple answers, however, on certain smart phones this feature does not work. If that’s the case please add additional information in the final notes area of the application. You will receive an auto-confirm email when your application is submitted. If you did not receive an auto-confirm email it means that you either provided an incorrect email address or that you did not fill out all the required questions.

When completed, click the “Submit” button located at the bottom of each form. Your information will be sent to a Texas Animal Guardians representative. Once your information is reviewed, someone will contact you via telephone and/or email.

Please be patient, you will hear back from a TAG volunteer within 24 business hours.

Thank you!

Adoption Procedure: Adoption Procedure

Online Forms:

Dog Adoption Application Form

Cat Adoption Application Form