Hit by a Car! Taken to Shelter! Puppy had no Hope.

Hit by a Car! Taken to Shelter! Puppy had no Hope.

image010Montana laid in a cold, steel kennel for ten days with a broken hip and no treatment or pain medications.

He was listed with ACS as Spot and had a number. That’s really all we knew about him. They indicated he wasn’t walking but emphatically stated he did not have any major fractures. At the time, Texas Animal Guadians foster homes were full but we pulled him anyway. He was transported to our veterinarians at Canyon Animal Hospital where he immediately received pain management care, good food, some love and hope for a brighter future.

Dr. Keith Leakey took one look at the x-rays and stated, “that’s a MAJOR fracture! Broken hip, fractured pelvis.” No wonder he wasn’t walking. His hip repair surgery was arranged for the next day.

MontanaIt was a long road to recovery but eventually Montana started playing like a pup and acting like a pup. There were setbacks, there were frustrations but this boy was a super dog throughout it all. And then one day, he met his person, a sweet lady in Austin, and he fell in love. They are now living a good life together and all the past has been put behind him. Nothing but bright skies ahead.




Many of the animals received into our adoption program need expensive medical care. Your tax deductible contribution helps pay for this. Won’t you please consider a small donation to help needy animals get well? This gives them a chance at adoption and a new life. Thank you in advance!

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