Little Pup’s Story

Little Pup’s Story

Vizla Mix Abandoned by Owner …


My name is Ana, and until a short while ago, I would never have believed that I would end up as a rescue angel …

Let me begin by providing a little background information by saying that my husband and I have 2 dogs, an 8 year old yellow lab named Colby and a 2 year old pit bull terrier named Castro. We also have a 13 year old cat named Lady.

Little Pup and Her Bone

I was at my capacity with animals with just Colby and Lady when Castro came along a few years ago. Thank God for Castro’s sake that he is the sweetest dog I have ever met and he fit into our pack so well that there was no way he was going to the shelter—especially because at the time we were living in Louisiana where there is a kill policy on all pit bulls.

So the day I met Little Pup, my husband and Castro were out of town. I have to disclose that moments before seeing Little Pup I was thinking about the burdens of having animals and I swore I would never take in another pet. God works in mysterious ways, because literally minutes later I saw Little Pup—all curled up in someone’s yard looking lost and scared. I began to speak to her very gently and told her it was okay that she could approach. She stood up and I noticed she had sores on her body and was very malnourished. She came forward and I told her it was okay that she could come with us if she wanted.

Little Pup’s New Dad

That was all it took. She understood me no doubt because she perked up and had a hop to her step. She was wagging her tail and so excited to be joining us on our walk. At this point I was not sure what the outcome would be, all I knew was that I could not leave her.

She followed me all the way home where I gave her food and water and let her play with Colby. I was already running late to work so I went ahead and left with her in the back yard with the gate open so she could come or go. I was still unsure of the situation and did not want to freak her out by locking her in the backyard.

On my way to work I was already calling shelters and sending emails for support. During my lunch hour, I returned home and there she was, curled up on my front porch. When she recognized me she became so happy, and honestly, I was happy too that she had not left—because I knew I was going to help her on her journey. That evening I did everything I knew to do to try to find her a home, including searching lost dog websites, making phone calls, taking photos, and sending more emails. I had to leave her outside because I was not sure if she was contagious, the last thing I needed was to be treating all my animals for some sort of illness.

Happy Little Pup Playing

The next day I took her to my vet for a checkup and treatment. I also gave her a bath and started her on antibiotics. She was the most hyper dog I have ever met so I was eagerly awaiting my husband and Castro’s return, for I knew she and Castro would have a ball together! Boy, was I right on the money! They played themselves silly.

When I first found Little Pup I was eager to find her a home as soon as possible. But, as time went on, I saw how well she was recovering and enjoying her time with our family. Suddenly, I became more particular about her destiny. For example, I had several people inquire and actually had one lady come to the house to meet her … but I was not willing to let her go. This was somewhat confusing, because I knew I did not want another dog—especially with such high energy. But at the same time, I was not going to give her to just anyone.

My main support throughout this time was Gyvel Young with Texas Animal Guardians. She was always so supportive, friendly and considerate of everything we were going through. At one point, my husband and I decided we may want to keep Little Pup. However; in the back of my mind, I knew I could not permanently handle another animal. Even though we were able to incorporate Little Pup into our pack—including learning to respect the 13 year old cat—my work schedule and current life situation didn’t mesh with the idea.

During this time, I prayed a lot and knew that the story would end up just how it needed to end up. One day, I received a call from Gyvel who told me about a family that wanted to adopt Little Pup. This time, I knew it was my duty to let her go and continue on her journey. Her new home would be able to meet all her needs … and they even had a playmate waiting for her.

I am so grateful for Texas Animal Guardians and the support and advice they gave me during the whole process. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and have no doubt in my mind Little Pup is exactly where she needs to be. I am blessed to have been a part of her journey …


Editor’s Note: Ana has since accepted a volunteer position on the Texas Animal Guardians’ Advisory Board. She serves in this capacity as a volunteer legal counsel. We are grateful to know her and appreciate her help with legal advice.

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