Potty Train a Puppy Fast!

Potty Train a Puppy Fast!

Here’s an easy trick to potty train your puppy fast.

You can potty train your puppy quickly using this method.

potty train your puppy fast Potty training your puppy relies on an easy trick. All you need to do is mimic what a mother dog would do. But first, let’s clarify what potty training a puppy really means. So, the first question would be: Is it possible to potty train a young puppy? Yes, in a way, and no in another way. The “no” portion of this statement is due to physiological barriers. It’s impossible for a puppy under the age of 14 weeks to hold its bladder for 3 to 4 hours. The muscles of the bladder are not developed enough at this age so you can’t expect her to hold it all day or even for 4 hours. Besides, it’s not normal or natural for them. The “yes” portion of this statement is easy. Regardless of how young a puppy is she will “get” the idea of the appropriate elimination area very quickly.

When you embark on the puppy potty training adventure, keep in mind that what you are ultimately trying to accomplish is teaching the puppy where to potty. Your puppy will pick up on this real quickly as long as you follow the easy-to-follow potty training tricks listed here. What you can expect to learn from this article is how to teach your puppy where to potty. And, that’s what potty training it is all about: teaching your puppy where she is allowed to “go”. The attached guide “How to Potty Train your Puppy in 14 Days!” will provide you with a step-by-step guide on potty training your puppy and help you through this process. This potty training guide was developed and written by an experienced puppy foster who has house broken hundreds of puppies before placing them into homes using this exact method. But before you jump into it please read this introduction article. It will give you the exact tricks needed and these aren’t mentioned directly in the guide.

potty train your puppy fastThe first trick to teaching your new fur baby about proper house rules and potty training is to show them. Dog’s learn by actions and watching others. That’s what momma dog does. She teaches her little ones where the bathroom area is by leading them away from the sleeping area to a potty spot where she squats down and urinates. Each puppy in turn repeats momma’s action. By doing this she essentially potty trains them. You are going to do the same. Of course, you can’t actually squat down and urinate but you CAN lead the puppy to the appropriate potty area. Like momma dog you are going to choose a potty zone. Make certain that this potty spot is a safe place, in a secure area (preferably a fenced backyard), away from a busy street and free from distractions (puppies have about a one second attention span).

The second trick, choose a door in your home to access this area. Use this door consistently EVERY time you take her out to potty. Take her to that same outside area EVERY each time. Think of it like this: Do you need to go hunting and searching for your bathroom door? No, you know exactly where it is. What if someone moved the door or bathroom every time you needed to “go”? It would be confusing, right? Well, it’s the same with the puppy. That’s why you must decide which door to use and which area to use as the potty area. (Make certain that every member of the family knows.) Then use that door all the time. Not some of the time, but ALL the time. Use that same potty area ALL the time, not some of the time.

potty train your puppy fastThe next trick involves speech. We have a language, dogs do too. Their language is primarily body language with vocal cues. Puppies understand a lot more than you give them credit for. They are equipped from birth to learn quickly, their survival depends on it. Your puppy will pick up on the word/action association. Therefore, you are going to give puppy her first English lesson. Each time you bring the puppy through that door you will say the word “outside”. No exceptions. This is IMPORTANT. The puppy will learn what the word OUTSIDE means.

Note: A young puppy might need to be carried from the crate to this outside area because the moment you open the crate door, she will squat and pee. If you pick up the pup, you’ll avoid this. Gradually the need to pick her up and carry her will decrease. Regardless of whether or not you need to carry the puppy or the puppy can walk on a leash to the door you will need to say “outside” each time you go through the door.

Next, show the puppy where to go outside. The outside potty area must be established. Place the puppy down and say “potty”. STAY there until the puppy goes. The moment she squats to urinate or she has a bowel moment praise her. In your “happy” voice say “GOOD POTTY!” Give her a chance to urinate AND have a bowel moment. But don’t stay outside too long. The moment she has finished going potty bring her inside.  As you bring her through the door you will say the word “inside”. No exceptions. This is IMPORTANT. 

Soon your puppy will understand what’s expected from her when you bring her to the potty area. She’ll look at you when you praise her. She might even begin to do a “fake” potty and look to see what you do. She’s testing to see if this is the action that wins your approval. By all means, praise her! This means she’s “getting” it.

potty train your puppy fastDuring the potty training phase do not bring her to the potty zone for any other reason except to potty. This is IMPORTANT. You want to establish that the OUTSIDE is to potty in AND the inside is to eat, sleep and play in. You will not be using the outside for any other reason except to potty in. No playing outside with the puppy, no leaving the puppy outside unattended. Why? The key to this system is to teach the puppy the difference between the outside and the inside. She’s smart. She’ll get it! Inside is NOT potty. Outside IS potty. Repetition. Repetition.

Please download the FREE Potty Train your Puppy in 14 Days! guide and all the best to you and your new puppy.


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