Our Sweet Kittens — We Love You– We Miss You

Our Sweet Kittens — We Love You– We Miss You



As 2015 arrives, we are grateful for a wonderful 2014. Small as we are, we were able to help a lot of animals. Many were taken in because they were critically ill or injured and we were able to help them back to health and on to happy homes. Our success stories have been shared here. But in rescue, it cannot always be a fairy tale ending, there will be loses. It would be wrong to forget them. Here are a few of the fallen, innocent lives that were ended too soon by tragic illness or injury. Nevertheless their memories will be cherished always.

  • Wokie, lost to distemper
  • Butterball, distemper
  • Callie, (Wokie’s sissy) distemper
  • Baby Kitten, fading kitten syndrome
  • Al Pacino, his injury was more than he could overcome.
  • Fluffy, (Wokie’s sibling) distemper
  • Tabbykins, distemper
  • Sweet Puffy, distemper

Your appearance in this world was brief:
You just barely twinkled
You just barely breathed
You just barely lived

Nonetheless, your life touched us:
Your lovely eyes
Your soft paws
Your sweet meows
Your baby’s breath
Your loving ways

We held you
We fed you
We loved you
And, oh! how we miss you!

Many of the animals received into our adoption program need expensive medical care. Your tax deductible contribution helps pay for this. Won’t you please consider a small donation to help needy animals get well? This gives them a chance at adoption and a new life. Thank you in advance!

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