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BOOMING Year for Adoptions!

BOOMING Year for Adoptions!

DustyAdoptionTexas Animal Guardians closes 2014 with record number of adoptions!

Texas Animal Guardians’ adoption numbers for 2014 are officially in: One hundred and sixty-three adoptions! This includes both dogs and cats and it is our best number yet. Not only has 2014 been a banner year for adoptions but it has also been a year of growth. Our volunteers are helping to make this growth possible. Thanks to them we have expanded the Petsmart Cat Center adoptions program. With this program, we are able to house more cats and kittens at the New Braunfels Petsmart store. Here they can be viewed seven-days-a-week by potential adopters. Our TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program has also grown. Thanks to the efforts of TAG hundreds of otherwise doomed cats and kittens were given a new lease on life. The TAG Dog Squad program was also out there helping homeless people with dogs by distributing collars, leashes, harnesses, food and treats. To ensure that people who are low on funds can still feed their pets the TAG Kibble Kare program provided pet food whenever possible.

Texas Animal Guardians Dog Squad Program

Ladybug, a regular feature in South Austin,
is a Dog Squad recipient.

It is traditional to make goals for the New Year. Like people, organizations do the same. Texas Animal Guardians is no exception. So what are the hopes and aspirations of TAG for 2015? First and foremost, to reach 210 adoptions in 2015.  TAG would like to distribute pet food to the needy on a regular schedule and give the Dog Squad homeless people more support with food, blankets, dog sweaters and flea/tick preventatives. And TAG has a brand new endeavor: to start a pet therapy program for children, nursing home residents and those in hospitals.

Naturally, these goals can only be achieved with more volunteers. To adopt out 210 dogs and cats in 2015 we will need more foster homes. Fostering a puppy or a kitten is rewarding on so many levels. It’s a fun-filled, family activity that has lots of memory-making moments. And, who doesn’t love a puppy? Even the resident dogs seem to accept tiny puppies. Adult dogs help to potty train puppies, they teach pups appropriate manners and help socialize them. Children learn how to be selfless by giving their time to a help a little creature. Kittens are adorable! And so much fun. They don’t need much space, a spare bathroom or bedroom will do. They only stay in foster care until they can enter the Petsmart Cat Adoption Center. Experienced bottle feeders are also appreciated since they can help out with abandoned or orphaned kittens

Texas Animal Guardians TNR program has saved hundreds of otherwise hopeless cats.

Chuy, a TAG TNR program recipient,
was given medical aid and
recovered from a severe upper
respiratory infection. He was recently adopted
into a loving family.

Texas Animal Guardians would also like to expand its current programs to include an animal therapy program. As mentioned, this program would go into children’s homes, nursing homes and even hospitals. Let’s face it, furry balls of fluff epitomize organic mood therapy. It’s a proven fact that interacting with puppies or kittens will brighten the mood of even the most crestfallen person. They don’t even need to do anything special, just sit there and be cute.Without trying they naturally lift the spirits of those around them. With enough willing volunteers we could bring joy to others while socializing puppies and kittens. This will be a double-good therapeutic program because it ensures positive results to all participants.

The bottom line is that volunteers are needed in every aspect of the Texas Animal Guardians organization. Whatever your skill is, whatever your schedule allows, whatever your passion is – we will find a way to utilize and accommodate it. The results are what count: more adoptions! If you feel led to join the cause please do not hesitate to contact us. We value each of our volunteers. Just go to our forms page, fill out the volunteer application, list the areas you are interested in and someone will contact you.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all our adopters, volunteers, Petsmart Charities, and the New Braunfels Petsmart staff for a most wonderful 2014. And, we wish each and everyone a very Happy New Year. A special wish goes out to our fellow rescue workers: here’s to lots of successful adoptions in 2015!

Texas Animal Guardians adoption program has saved 163 lives in 2014, including this little puppy.


Adoption Event a HUGE Success!

Adoption Event a HUGE Success!

Adoption Event at Petsmart Store in New Braunfels Gives 22 Dogs and Cats New Homes!

Saturday, September 13, 2014 was the day slated to transport animals to the September Adoption Event hosted by Petsmart Charities. It was a drizzly morning but that didn’t faze any of the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society volunteers who were all busy with the annual garage-sale fundraiser. While they were busy with the fundraiser, our Texas Animal Guardians’ volunteers were rounding up adoptable dogs and cats for transport to the Petsmart store in New Braunfels.

Every available vehicle was commandeered to aid with transport. Loaded up with crates each transporter was at-the-ready to receive their precious cargo. Trying to make room for more crates became a bit of a challenge as carriers, wire crates and accessories were moved around, much like a jigsaw puzzle, to make room for more adoptable pets. At last, the caravan of vehicles was ready for the journey to the Petsmart store in New Braunfels. Little did the dogs and cats, who probably felt a bit confused by all the commotion, realize that for some of them it would be the most important journey of their lives!

The Texas Animal Guardians team of volunteers was greeted at the store by an eagerly awaiting group of onlookers. The Petsmart store manager, Sandy, confided that she’d received a number of calls inquiring about adoptable pets. It sounded like there was a lot of excitement in the air! Setting up can often be a daunting task, not to mention time consuming, but the volunteers made it all seem quick and easy. The doggie playpen was set up and within moments it was occupied by two  sweet pups: Arabella and Pepsi. (As it turns out Arabella wouldn’t be returning to the shelter that day. Instead, she’d be spending her first night with her new family.) Everything was set and ready for an exciting day of adoptions. Anticipation was high!

Texas Animal Guardians volunteers split up into three groups: One group worked the exterior front of the store, another group worked in the vestibule area and a single volunteer headed for the Cat Adoption Center. Families eager to find their perfect new family member were asking questions about the available pets, some snapped photos with their phones, still others stood quietly by — observing. It was as if the atmosphere in the store had become electrified with some type of adoption magic dust!

Soon momentum gathered and adoptions started happening. It seemed as if every nook and cranny of the store was now occupied by people who wanted to get to know their new four-legged friend. Adopted pets were being scooped up by their new families for the shopping spree of their life! Some actually rode in the shopping cart, others walked beside the cart on a leash. Soon carts were filled with fluffy beds, squeaky toys, chewy bones, catnip mice, kitty loungers, yummy treats, not to mention some great food and of course carriers, food bowls and the list goes on and on. It looked like Christmas. And in a way it was, for them and for all of us here at Texas Animal Guardians. What more could we possible ask for? Twenty-two sweet babies got new homes, new families and a secure, happy future. All in all, it was a an amazing day!

For more information about Texas Animal Guardians, our mission, our work, our programs please see this link on the GiveBack website.


Many of the animals received into our adoption program need expensive medical care. Your tax deductible contribution helps pay for this. Won’t you please consider a small donation to help needy animals get well? This gives them a chance at adoption and a new life. Thank you in advance!

Texas Animal Guardians has moved to Fischer, Texas!

Texas Animal Guardians has moved to Fischer, Texas!

For Immediate Release

June 7, 2013

Texas Animal Guardians has relocated from Blanco, Texas to Fischer, Texas. The decision was made for several reasons, principally the fact that Fischer is in Comal County and TAG has been active in this county since its inception. The other reason is that Comal County is one of several counties in Texas that are under served by animal welfare organizations.

The change made sense on many levels: Our veterinarians are in Comal County as is the Petsmart store where we hold adoption events. All in all, it just made sense to have the small town of Fischer become our official location.

Fischer is a lovely little town midway between Blanco and New Braunfels. This little town is known for its Fischer Hall, Fischer Store and Fischer Bowling area. Popular annual events are held at the Fischer Hall and it is hoped that future event planning will include this lovely old structure.

Our official new address is:

Texas Animal Guardians

P.O. Box 106

Fischer, Texas 78623-106


Additionally, TAG has revised its mission statement.  Initially TAG wanted to provide aid for pet owners experiencing difficult life transitions. That original vision has proven to be difficult to execute, not only because of funding but because many well-meaning folks were not able to reclaim their pets after the initial three months of boarding. This placed a financial burden on our volunteer boarding facilities and also tied up available foster homes.

The Kibble Kare program is still available whenever funds allow. This program gives temporary help to pet owners by providing pet food for both dogs and cats.

TAG’s primary focus is getting as many cats and dogs as we can out of the shelter system and into loving homes. Last year TAG placed over 85 cats and dogs into homes. This year TAG is well on the way to exceed that number. To help with this effort, TAG has partnered with PALS (in San Marcos) to foster kittens and place them into homes. Our director, Penny Solis, supplies the love, care and shelter for these little “babies.” Naturally TAG will continue to pull from “high” kill shelters. Each dog that is placed into a home opens up space for another dog.

We couldn’t do it without all the support we receive from our second “family” at the New Braunfels Petsmart store, our wonderful veterinarians at Canyon City Animal Hospital, and the fantastic community of adopters, supporters and volunteers.

Thank you to all!