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Abandoned Kitten Receives Hope and Life

Abandoned Kitten Receives Hope and Life
Texas Animal Guardians helped this starved kitten regain his health

Starved and emaciated

Abandoned Kitten Barely Hanging on to Life — Survives and is Finds Love

Indy was found sick, weak and starving. He hardly had strength to keep surviving. Severely dehydrated, emaciated, and suffering from multiple skin conditions his fate was hanging in the balance. He weighed only .06 pounds. He was immediately admitted into Canyon City Animal Hospital. There he was placed on IV fluids, antibiotics and nutritional care. He responded very well to this treatment.

Texas Animal Guardians helped this litte starved kitten recover

He barely weighed 1/2 pound

Yet, he still had issues. The skin infections and ringworm caused skin loss, particularly around his ears, where it peeled off completely. Thankfully new skin formed. His fur began to thicken up. He gained weight: from .06 lbs to 2.5 lbs. Now, the only thing standing in his way to complete recovery (and his forever home) was a lingering upper respiratory infection. Indy still remained hospitalized at Canyon City Animal Hospital for several weeks.

Indy was taken home to be nursed back to health by Texas Animal Guardians Director, Penny Solis. He received continued medication, high-protein, calorie diet and tender loving care. He gained strength, started playing and acting like a kitten and soon he was well enough to be released into the Texas Animal Guardians’ adoption program.

Shortly after Indy was released into our adoption program he found his forever home!


The skin on his ears was peeling off

Indy, fully recovered, discovers what it's like to be a kitten

Indy, being a kitten for the first time in his life

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