The Big Give S.A.! TAG’s First Year!

The Big Give S.A.! TAG’s First Year!

save the dateTAG’s first year!  The Big Give S.A.

Texas Animal Guardians is excited about participating in The Big Give S. A. If you haven’t heard about this fantastic event then here’s the scoop: The Big Give S. A. is a 24-hour online donation event that takes place on May 5th only. Donations as low as $10 are accepted. This is a fun way to give locally. As the days countdown to the event pledges are accepted. These pledges help with the anticipated total donations to be received on May 5th. Anyone signing up for the pledge will be emailed a reminder on giving day.

Texas Animal Guardians is looking forward to receiving help from our local supporters. The donated funds will offset the cost of food, medications, veterinarian care and supplies for the kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in our care. With kitten and puppy season upon us these funds are now, more than ever, necessary to continue providing help for the otherwise helpless pets in our care.

We want to thank you in advance for helping to promote this event by sharing it with your family, your friends, your neighbors, your business partners, your church, your civic organizations, your community leaders and even with people you know who live out-of-state.

As the much anticipated date arrives, won’t you please take a moment and  click on this link to make a pledge to donate to Texas Animal Guardians. This link will take you directly to The Big Give S. A. pledge page.

On the actual day of the event — May 5th — please go directly to our The Big Give S. A. donation page.

We thank you in advance for all your help!



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